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Sportsmanship in the Monterey Bay League

Sports in America are significant. In our society, the idea of sportsmanship permeates virtually every aspect of our culture. This ethic of “fair play” should be seen in all segments of our society: business, commerce, law, education, and in all our human interaction. It seems to be a code of expected behavior originating in sport which requires that its definition be explicit for the high ideal which it demands. Therefore, sportsmanship is defined as that quality of responsible behavior characterized by a spirit of generosity and genuine concern for an opponent.

Because the responsibility for development of sportsmanship involves many persons, the contribution of educationally-based athletics is of great importance. Within the framework of the school athletic program, the responsibility for good sportsmanship is vested in all of those who are in any way associated with the program: administrators, coaches, players, officials, and spectators. Each has his/her share of responsibility.

Accountability for sportsmanship is imperative and must be accepted at the highest level of school and athletic administration and delegated with accountability. With that in mind, the Monterey Bay League has adopted a clear goal of adhering to the principles of “Pursuing Victory With Honor” as set forth by the State CIF and the Central Coast Section. You can read more on the CCS Sportsmanship page.